Keep Voting Slaves…. Or Else!

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By Neil Foster – Reality Bytes Radio

The Daily Mail in the UK is never a snoozepaper to shy away from a bit of propagandist fear-mongering and today is no different on a range of ‘news’ fables.

Today the target is that complicated group known as ‘young people’.

The subject… Getting them into debt by stating ludicrously that not being on the electoral register will somehow affect their whole lives in terms of how much debt they may wish to strangle themselves with at a later date in life when I assume they are no longer in that much aligned group of ‘young people’ but have matured to the next level of ‘formerly known as young people’ group.

So what justification does the mail offer as an incentive to sign up to the electoral register, a register which has been abused by many institutions in the past, not least of which is the local and national governments; you know, those honest individuals you’re supposed to be voting for because you’re on a register and therefore permitted to select the next gang of criminals to ruin your life. They quite happily sell your personal details to anyone who wants them. Indeed, anyone can access these records simply by visiting their local library and asking to see that constituencies Electoral Register giving the names and addresses of all members of any particular family at any address if they are 18 years old or more.

You can also look forward to lots of junk mail from every political party, I guess that includes the Greens,  as well as any company who thinks they can screw you out of whatever meagre sum you can manage to earn stacking shelves in your local snoopermarket. …. DO NOT RECYCLE SUCH JUNK FROM THESE HYPOCRITES!

Having said that, why not save a stack of junk mail up and return it in bulk to your local post box or post office?

I guess in the case of Scotland where the voting age is 16 those seeking children under 18 will have a field day for whatever purposes they’re seeking them out. Any guesses?

To suggest that somebody needs to be on a voting register to somehow obtain credit is of course a nonsense. Obviously it makes no difference what address you’re living at as relates to your ability to pay a loan or any other line of credit. Why should it?

This would suggest that someone living in a rather salubrious area of London, who has decided that they have no intention of voting for a gang of criminal and intellectual morons, would not be allowed a car loan or a credit card…. This is of course an absolutely idiotic notion although I’m sure such an excuse would be used against someone living in a flat in Hackney because that’s all it is, an excuse not to give credit to those deemed to be of a lesser standing in society. This ensures continued poverty for many for which ‘voting’ will make no difference.

So why bother to register?

In my humble opinion, for what it’s worth, this is nothing more than a smokescreen to force as many ‘young people’ to get on the list prior to making registration, and therefore ‘voting’ itself compulsory. Many countries around the world, although only a very small fraction, already have this system with various people subjected to a multitude of punishments.

When ‘voting’ for political parties is forced upon people the system itself becomes ‘undemocratic’ by definition. Having the right not to take part in a political system on any level should be an individual choice and should be respected. To usurp that right by governmental diktat is by definition ‘dictatorial’.

Ancient Greece is a prime example.

Obama is also pushing this agenda for America.

This quote from the above article is revealing in terms of the ordinary Roman people being bribed to give up their right to self-government. That is exactly what you do when you vote so it should not come as a surprise that ‘voting’ simply enslaves you to the ideology of a small clique with an agenda which has nothing to do with your rights or aspirations.

“The citizens of ancient Rome, for example, were all too willing to cede to emperors their right to self-government so long as the bags of free grain kept coming and there were free tickets to the festivals, games, and other entertainments.”

As things stand at present the carrot is being dangled in terms of what ‘benefits’ you may lose should you not register to vote for a small criminal elite including the ability to buy a home through a mortgage, getting a job in the public sector and ironically, losing the right to vote, which if you gave a damn about it, you’d have registered. I was threatened on my doorstep by an electoral registrar who stated that if I refused to fill in the form that I would be fined upto £800 and would have trouble getting a bank account. Needless to say, the form remained unfilled and none of that happened.

Carrots are one thing but sticks are another and no doubt the sticks will get bigger and the punishments less punitive.

As usual, and I’ve said it many times, nothing will change in this type of situation until people themselves change their perception of what government actually is and decide that they do not require government interference in their lives in any regard, whether this be privacy; snooping etc., access to their children; interfering with parental rights or taxation which takes many forms and much of their income simply to hand over to a private banking cartel.

The simple answer is for everyone to start saying “NO” to anything which even has the functionality to be detrimental to their way of life.

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